Design integration uses a framework of plan, build, run and refine.  This integration is governed by business models and robust design.  Fontanella solves integration needs and leave clients with a solution they can manage.

Strategic Procurement Tool

  • Analyse procurement processes and ensure the department is sourcing effectively
  • Assist in developing a strategic sourcing policy
  • Implement new processes and assist with negotiating contracts
  • Support

Effective Inventory

  • Analyse inventory holdings
  • Assist the financial department and supply chain divisions in improving inventory holdings
  • Design and implement new inventory processes

Infrastructure & Networking

  • Audit IT infrastructural environments
  • Analyse and recommend solutions
  • Provide desktop support
  • Source equipment
  • Skills include desktop and server support including LANs and WANs
  • Networking
  • Hosting

In partnership with IS, Fontanella offers corporate business applications, e-commerce transaction systems, corporate web sites, networking equipment and streaming servers hosted in a fully managed environment connected to a super fast network.